Insider’s Guide to Hong Kong

While visiting the mainstream attractions of Hong Kong can be fun, it can also be stressful, overwhelming and full of selfie-taking tourists. However, the great thing about this city is that it offers numerous lesser known locations and even amazing spots hidden in plain sight. Embrace these hidden gems in Hong Kong, from food crawling in a local shopping center to taking insta-worthy pics by the waters. Let’s go beyond the tourist-filled sites and explore Hong Kong like a true local with this insider’s guide to Hong Kong! 1. Street Food at Kwai Chung Plaza Source: mikemikecat (Flickr) Hong Kong


【福安找換 x YBEX聖誕日圓大特賣優惠】

【🎄六天・日YEN・為你準備 🇯🇵 】 【福安找換 x YBEX限時聖誕日圓大特賣優惠】 活動日期:12月5日早上9時 至 12月10日下午5時 遊戲玩法:先like「福安找換」Facebook專頁,再登入YBEX並在遊戲表格上分享「一個浪漫的旅遊經歷」,YBEX團隊將挑選出最佳的100個答案,優勝者將獲得「日圓特賣優惠兌換名額」。 進入遊戲: 名額:100個(專業外幣兌換50個;福安找換50個) 兌換限額: 60,000日圓 兌換率:每百日圓兌6.5港元

Vietnam Travel Tips

As the weather gets colder, a lot of people are preparing for trips to somewhere warm like Southeast Asia. I’m going to give you some tips when you travel to Vietnam, the origin country of Pho. As you might have already known, Vietnam is full of fun activities, delicious food and attractive places to visit. Transportation: GRAB Some of you may have heard of this ride-hailing app called GRAB. It is a must-have app in Southeast Asia because it allows you to ride a cab without having to bargain with the cab driver. It shows you the expected rate before you