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YBEX: Shopping Guide with BitCoin

If you are a big fan of Japan, you must have heard of BicCamera. It is a bitcoin-friendly department store with over 40 stores throughout Japan. You can find anything you need, like electronics, computers, toys, alcohol or cosmetics, and check out with Bitcoin! Shopping in BicCamera as a traveler, you can always enjoy 8% off of tax deduction plus periodic discount on spending over 5000 yen. Remember to get the latest discount coupons before shopping! What to buy in BicCamera? 1. Washlet (Electronic toilet seat) Recommended brand: TOTO, Panasonic If you are looking for Made-in-Japan electronic products, you must

Insider’s Guide to Hong Kong

While visiting the mainstream attractions of Hong Kong can be fun, it can also be stressful, overwhelming and full of selfie-taking tourists. However, the great thing about this city is that it offers numerous lesser known locations and even amazing spots hidden in plain sight. Embrace these hidden gems in Hong Kong, from food crawling in a local shopping center to taking insta-worthy pics by the waters. Let’s go beyond the tourist-filled sites and explore Hong Kong like a true local with this insider’s guide to Hong Kong! 1. Street Food at Kwai Chung Plaza Source: mikemikecat (Flickr) Hong Kong

YBEX x HKPC 香港蒲吧精選

YBEX x HKPC Promotion

Visiting Hong Kong soon and looking to check out the bar scene? You’re in luck! Hong Kong boasts 7 of Asia’s 50 best bars, while a quick Google search for the best bars in Hong Kong yields more than 1.7 million results, with thousands more listicles showcasing the top bars of all types, mixes and tastes. In a city of over 8 million people, the bar-to-human ratio could certainly give New York or London a run for their money.