YBEX: Shopping Guide with BitCoin

If you are a big fan of Japan, you must have heard of BicCamera. It is a bitcoin-friendly department store with over 40 stores throughout Japan. You can find anything you need, like electronics, computers, toys, alcohol or cosmetics, and check out with Bitcoin!

Shopping in BicCamera as a traveler, you can always enjoy 8% off of tax deduction plus periodic discount on spending over 5000 yen. Remember to get the latest discount coupons before shopping!

What to buy in BicCamera?

1. Washlet (Electronic toilet seat)

Bic Camera - Toto Washlets | YBEX

Recommended brand: TOTO, Panasonic

If you are looking for Made-in-Japan electronic products, you must not miss out the Electronic toilet seat. The Japanese call it Washlet. It is one of the popular and signature electronic products in Japan. Approximately 80% of Japanese homes have installed the Washlet. Get one for yourself too!

2. Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen by Shiseido

Bic Camera - Anessa Sunscreen | YBEX

Anessa is a sister brand of Shiseido, specialized in sunscreen products. According to its official website, it has been no.1 in sales for 17 consecutive years in Japan. It is a sunscreen with high protection, super waterproof and moisturizing ingredients. http://anessa.shiseido.co.jp/en/

3. Snacks

Bic Camera - Snacks | YBEX

When you are travelling in Japan, snacks are one of the must have items in your shopping list. After the first boom of snack innovation, snacks have become a representative Japanese cultural product. I would recommend you to check out Calbee’s snacks, as they produce lots of limited edition products.

Apart from the variety of products, they also support numerous kinds of bill settlement. In 2017, Bitcoin and other digital currencies are recognised as legal property under the Payment Services Act. In the same year, BicCamera started to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. Even though only less than 1% of payments were made in Bitcoin as of March 2018, BicCamera says the number of Bitcoin spenders is steadily increasing.
It is a piece of exciting news for travellers, you don’t have to worry about carrying loads of cash or using credit cards without control. Also, just to note that there’s a limit of spending 300,000 yen worth of Bitcoin for each transaction.


Courtesy of Joanne Yeung
Marketing Executive @Genesis Block

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