Street Food recommended by locals in Seoul

Street Food recommended by locals in Seoul!

If you are planning a trip to Seoul, South Korea, do not miss out delicious Korean street food in Myeongdong.

Myeongdong is a place that is known for shopping, but do you know that Myeongdong is also packed with street food? Get out of the subway station in Myeongdong and be prepared for a mouthwatering foodie-venture! Here is some street food you must try recommended by YBEX’s Korea team!

  1. Seafood

Are you a seafood lover? Try different kinds of seafood cooked on spot. Broiled lobster tails with cheese, grilled scallop, fried squid, shrimp skewer etc. Pick your favorite kinds of seafood and you can watch them made right in front of you.

Street Food recommended by locals in Seoul_lobster1 Street Food recommended by locals in Seoul_lobster2 Street Food recommended by locals in Seoul_lobster3
Grilled Lobster with Cheese, Photo credit: prettyricmin@naver

Street Food recommended by locals in Seoul_scallop
Grilled Scallop, Photo credit: senom91@naver

2. Teppanyaki

Teppanyaki is a Japanese cooking method that uses an iron griddle to quickly cook food. It is one of the most well-loved types of street food in Myeongdong. Even when walking down the street with so many stalls with scrumptious food, it is impossible not to stop for the sizzling steak on the flat iron – who says you have to dress fancy and go to luxurious steakhouses for good steaks?

Street Food recommended by locals in Seoul_teppanyaki
Teppanyaki, Photo credit: senom91@naver, jiae2073@naver

3. Desserts or sweet snacks

After having all the stomach-filling savory food, you could still stop there to satisfy your sweet tooth. Want to have a sweet local experience? Try “sikhye”! It is a beverage that is made from malt and rice. Sounds weird to you? Well, not for thousands of Koreans as the drink is one of the most beloved traditional sweet food in the country. Take a walk around the area for instagrammable rose-shaped gelato, Oreo flavored churros with cream cheese and globally-loved Nutella crepes.

Street Food recommended by locals in Seoul_sikhye
Sikhye, Photo Credit: wikipedia

Street Food recommended by locals in Seoul_oreo
Oreo flavored Churros, Photo Credit: asdffggg2@naver

Street Food recommended by locals in Seoul_gelato
Gelato, Photo Credit: jeonso7707@naver

Street food tour in Myeongdong is definitely a yummy and fun experience that you don’t want to miss in Korea! Choose a day to feast all kinds of street food if you have a chance. They are very affordable as well – prices range from as cheap as US$3 to just US$15. Noted that all of the vendors only accept cash! So don’t forget to exchange money with YBEX before you head out for street food in Myeongdong.     

Useful information
Opening hours 
Weekdays : 5pm onwards
Weekends: 2pm onwards
Public Transportation
Subway Line 4: Myeongdong Station (Exit 6)

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