香港,2018年2月6日- 以香港為基地的新創公司YBEX Limited.(「YBEX」或「本公司」)今天公佈將旗下找換店比較平台「YBPay」易名為「YBEX」(音:「Y/Bex」),與本公司同名。有關改動於2月1日起正式生效。本公司將以YBEX平台之名,繼續將服務擴展至海外。



Hong Kong, 06 February 2018 – Hong Kong based startup company YBEX Limited (“YBEX” or the “Company”) announced today the formal name change of its marketplace platform for foreign exchange services. The platform changed its name from “YBPay” to “YBEX” (pronounced ‘Y-BEX’). The above change became official on February 1st. The company will begin its international expansion under the name YBEX.

2018 is a significant year for YBEX with the name change marking just the beginning of a significant geographic and product push. The Company believes that the change will make clear its emphasis on money exchange services, its role as a platform for exchange service providers and pays homage to the roots of its founders.

Andrew Lee, YBEX Chief Executive Officer, said, “2018 marks a new and exciting phase for YBEX. We have a lot of big initiatives coming up here in Hong Kong and abroad as we launch internationally. The change of name will set the foundation for those.”


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